Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little OJ

I've been so busy these last few weeks with school I've forgotten to mention something very different that happened to me this week.  I became a God Father.  I realize it's not a huge deal unless your a Catholic Colombian drug lord, but it is a very surreal feeling know that I have this new person in my life who I could one day possibly be completely responsible for.  I had mixed feelings about it for awhile and didn't know if I was even up to the off chance of having to actually commit to the responsibility, but the moment I got the call that my friend was in labor I was over come with joy.  I'm excited for the opportunity to be in this little girls life and watch her grow up and be there to support her.  I'm honored that my friends Andee and Matt trust me enough to give me that responsibility and I will always be there for them and that baby girl now.  I look forward to the opportunities of the future and all the good times and bad that our ahead.  

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