Monday, May 2, 2011

"Inside the Whale" By Jon Langford

Inside the whale
We saw a better world just around the corner
Time’s arrow pointing down some happy trails
Big clear dreams arising over the event horizon
But no light escapes
From inside the whale
Long blue summer nights, some basic human rights
The lunar landing craft, a donkey’s ear and tail
All swallowed up as midnight struck
It’s so dark down here
Inside the whale
An end to hunger, equality
Under the sea
Inside the whale
Progress, progress, rose tinted glasses
cock-eyed optimism all cracked and paled
And all the astronauts and the Kennedys got caught
Down in the depths
Inside the whale
So naive, this white boy’s dream
Tucked up in bed
Inside the whale

Was in Austin over spring break and ran across this guys work in a little store he owns down there and really enjoyed them.

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