Monday, May 16, 2011

Ron Paul! Ron Paul! 2012

I have never been a very political person, and perhaps that is due to my young age, but now that I see my future being impacted in such a great magnitude by what happens in the next few years I really am beginning to worry.  I have debated back and forth between PA school and medical school.  With obamacare on the brinks of our society I will never go to medical school.  Patients aren't happy now and neither are doctors.  With obamacare everything will just get worse.  I hate to say it but being a doctor is simply not worth it.  I love medicine and will practice it another way as a PA, but as long as we are heading towards socialized medicine I never will go to medical school.  I will say this though, if Ron Paul is elected president, that day I will apply to medical school.

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